Your Artist Guide

Yvette is a well-known Pacific Northwest artist, specializing in abstract and contemporary paintings and other artfully rendered things. Her work is exhibited regularly at galleries, museums, and select art festivals around the Pacific Northwest, and is in private and corporate collection across the United States, and in Australia and Canada. Artist-led workshops with Yvette offer a whole new way of thinking, being, and painting, and whether you’re new to painting or have considerable painting experience, her approach to self-expression and creativity just might change the way you paint forever.


What To Expect

This very special week is designed to enliven your senses, enhance your creative journey and expand your joy parameters! In a relaxed, supportive and safe environment, designed to help you release expectations and uncover your own authentic voice during the creative process, you will learn to trust your intuition. By tuning into your intuition and turning down your ‘inner critic’, you can begin to construct a personal work of art from the ground up, using experimentation and non-judgment as your rudder and sail. This educational workshop offers a noteworthy toolbox of acrylic techniques, and a fresh perspective on creative expression that’s certain to energize your life both on and off canvas.


Catering to people seeking an empowering jump start on their creative path, the process of painting will be broken down into easy, bite-sized lessons, exploring abstraction, color theory, translucent layering, value contrast, expressive mark making, dripping, etching, stamping, drawing and more. Throughout, you will be offered invaluable prompts and exercises to support the design and composition of your painting, and be encouraged to experiment with tools, materials, and techniques that are demonstrated to you. Studio time will be infused with music, poetry, and opportunities to eat and drink healthy foods and beverages, between bouts of painting. Schedule is relaxed, so take soulful breaks in the garden or connect with other kindred spirits at leisure. With camera and sketchbook in hand, forays into the surrounding town and countryside on alternating days will invite a flow of inspiration on adventure activity days.

What It Is And Isn’t

If you wish to discover a truly unique way of painting and thinking about self-expression, beauty, and creativity, then this unique workshop is for you. Apart from the joy that invention brings, learning to let go of self-consciousness and reconnecting with your true self through play, is sure to transform the way you approach self-expression. Chances are, it may transform other areas of your life too. The process is designed to allow your painting to unfold naturally, and in its own time, and you’ll come to see that there are no mistakes – only pathways to new discoveries, as you become more comfortable with yourself as creator, embracing the unknown. This course is NOT for you if your expectations include an in depth session on only learning technique or how to paint what’s sitting in front of you.

While many of Yvette’s personal painting techniques will be demonstrated during the process of creating an original painting from start to finish, the design of each workshop is focused on approaches to painting and creativity, more so than on any specific techniques. Traditional modes of art instruction and art genres will largely be ignored in favor of progressing quickly to non-representational work – the place of pure imagination. You will learn how to see forms – and then to abstract them, concentrating on the expressive strengths of form and color to translate your imaginings in 2-D space. Freedom on this level teases forth a new visual language, and you will discover delight in being able to combine colors, forms, and textures to express emotional and spiritual states, without the burden of qualification or the need to defend your truth. We invite you to join us in experiencing deep spiritual renewal through playful, bold self-expression – the Muse awaits, and if you leap, the net will appear. Trust that you are an artist.