The Art of Noticing

Think it’s hard to learn about design? Just stop and take a look at the world around you. Design is something you encounter everywhere, every day of your life. You see it in the shape and color buildings, the woven details of a flower basket, food arranged on a plate, the colors in a store window display, and the texture of a knitted sweater. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re also constantly designing, even when you do something as simple as stacking wood, rearranging furniture, or setting the dinner table. People are born with an innate sense of design, and whether you paint paintings, build furniture, style hair, garden, or engage in another creative activity, the fundamental ideas are the same, no matter how they’re applied.

The next time you tell yourself you’re hopelessly uncreative, rethink that definition. When you heighten your awareness of design, the world opens up quickly to limitless possibilities for creative expression and personal enjoyment, and this newfound awareness can also be applied to other realms in life. So take time to see. To notice things on a conscious level. The first step to becoming great at anything is the practice of honing your attention mindfully.

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