One For Good Friends

Poem by Traci J. Rumsey ©

It’s been thirty years since we have all been together
A little college reunion.
I walk through the airport looking for my friend.
I know I’ll know her when I see her because she will still look the same to me.
I am a little nervous; it’s been a long time.
And then, my heart drops; there she is; a little older; but the same.
We hug as we greet each other.
We will go and meet our other friends.
I am still a little nervous, but I’m also anticipating stories about where we’ve been and what we have been up to.
All together now, the wine begins to flow as steadily as all of the stories of old.
I laugh to myself that we had graduated to wine after forever drinking cases of beer.
We exchange hugs and pictures and apologize for our broken promises of staying in touch.
We didn’t really need excuses; it was an unsaid understanding.
But we were all here for the next seventy-two hours.
Those years that we spent in college together were priceless.
And I’ve never seen such happy faces and sincere and attentive participants when it was our turn to tell our story.
We had had so much in common thirty years ago.  Now we only have each other.
Luckily we are all present.  We haven’t lost any of our circle of friends yet.
Still we talk about our fortunes and misfortunes; laugh a little; cry a little.
As usual we stay until last call.  And we have a good laugh about that too.
We seem genuinely happy as a group.
That wasn’t always the case.
But we were there for each other through good times and bad.  We had spent many nights helping each other with academics and bad break-ups.
For three days we recounted our present lives and our past lives.
Bound by one institution; all with the same goal.
We had tried to make our reunion work before; but something always stood in our way.
Not this time.
As we began packing our suitcases; so too came the promises of staying in touch.
We knew we wouldn’t all be there if it took another thirty years.
I’m so glad I got to see us all together; even if it was the last time ever.
I knew that I would try harder to keep in touch.
And then we started to go our separate ways again.
As I boarded my flight, I was a little sad but also thankful for just knowing these remarkable gals I call friend.

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