• Do I need to be an experienced painter or a serious artist?

    Heavens, no! Whether you simply need to jump-start your creativity, are seeking a new perspective, or painting with acrylics is a new medium for you, the only real prerequisite is the willingness to approach painting with an open heart and mind.

  • How much one-on-one time will I have with the artist?

    Workshops are deliberately limited to just 8 students at a time, to ensure an intimate community, with plenty of personal attention and one-on-one support. Throughout our time together, we will explore a whole new way of painting and being that’s based on letting go of your inner critic. Play is powerful; the artist inside you is ready.

  • I’m a painter myself; can I bring my own materials?

    Your art workshop includes all of the basic materials needed to produce your original work of art. However, you’re welcome to bring your personal paint and tool favorites to supplement the provided ‘toolbox’ if you’d like. An expanded selection of artist and professional grade art supplies is also available for purchase during the Workshop, as well as online through Yvette Neumann Fine Art.

  • I’ve never painted before; is this workshop appropriate for me?

    Workshops offer a nurturing, non-judgmental experience, perfect for the first-time painter as well as all levels between. Part educational workshop and part soulful experience, the process of painting will be broken down into empowering lessons and insights that will inspire you to express yourself freely.

  • What does the artist-led workshop adventure cost?

    The cost for 3-day and weeklong adventures varies, depending upon the activities and the season. Contact us by email or by phone at 360.306.0878 to discuss your preferred trip, and to receive pricing.

  • Do you offer year round trips?

    Yes! The website currently lists our offerings for August, September and October, 2015. Winter sessions and the full 2016 calendar are in the planning phase, with details to be posted to the website by June 1, 2015. Sessions are planned for January, February, March, June, July, August, September and October 2016 with specialized events tailored to each season.

  • I live locally; can I take part in a workshop adventure?

    Yes – Locals are absolutely welcome! Contact us by email or by phone at 360.306.0878 to understand options for joining our group experience.

  • Do I need a car?

    No, a car is not necessary.  Bellingham is a small town, so taxi or shuttle service is pretty convenient from the train station, airport or other arrival points to the hotel.  Once you’re at the hotel, all your event related transportation is provided.  For evenings where you don’t elect to join us for dinner, there are several excellent restaurants in short walking distance from the Hotel Bellwether at the Marina, and Bellingham is very close by for a short cab ride if you elect to go downtown.

  • Are any of the adventure activity days super strenuous?

    Not really. Most of the days involve short walks to the sites, etc. For the trip to Artist Point, there are many hiking options, ranging from short strolls to more rigorous routes. However, if hiking’s not really your thing, you also have the option of spending the afternoon picking berries or sketching the fabulous surrounding scenery.

  • How much time is spent driving places?

    We try to keep the driving time to a minimum. On art workshop days, the studio is a 6 mile drive from the hotel. Regarding “event” days, there are only two events with drives over 20 miles. The Artist point day is a 56 mile drive from the hotel to the final destination. This will be broken up with stops at several points of interest along the way. For the Island Day, the drive from the hotel to the ferry terminal is 40 miles. All other event days are short jaunts around our lovely little town and surrounding country side.

  • What sized group should I expect on each adventure

    Adventures are limited to eight (8) guests at a time, to ensure an intimate experience and lots of time to interact directly with Yvette during the art workshop days.

  • Do I need to participate in all scheduled events?

    No, but you are encouraged to! Your time with us is about you having the best time possible, so we will make every effort accommodate adjustments to the planned itinerary.

  • How do I book a workshop adventure?

    The most expedient way is to book your adventure through Derek Neumann at 360.306.0878. Our art immersion tours are especially popular, which means you’ll want to book sooner, rather than later. Derek has the most up-to-date information regarding availability, and can provide real-time details when you call.

  • What if I have to cancel after booking an adventure tour?

    See our cancellation policy for specific information.

  • Where do I obtain trip insurance?

    You can obtain trip insurance through us when you book your trip, or you can purchase your own insurance, available from a wide range of providers.

  • I’d love to get my finished painting home; do you ship?

    We certainly do! In fact, we think you’ll love your finished work so much in the end, that we’ve taken care of all the details for you. Your painting should arrive within 10 days once shipped domestically, and of course there’s no extra charge for this service, (though we might want your autograph when you become famous!)