This is a story about seeing the possibility of something beautiful, hiding in the bones of a derelict farm building, and getting friends and family to see the place as just a little bit magical too. Bringing a tired pole barn back to life by transforming it into a beautiful studio/gallery took a lot of work; thank you to our family, our good friends and fellow dreamers, for your good humor, clever minds, strong backs, and tireless spirit.

It all began with an old farm building on our property. Not much to look at – just an old plywood pole barn with a tired tin roof.

Constructed in 1992 by the original owners of the property, the building faced east onto a swampy field, and once housed horses, farm equipment, and hay.

The attached greenhouse was a great idea, just perfect for growing plants and vegetables year round.

Rough inside, but structurally sound, we used it as storage, and a place for Yvette to work.

Plywood walls and oh so drafty, the big sliding doors were a challenge to keep closed.

A small tack room and three horse stalls framed the inside shape of the building. No insulation inside for warmth; our permanent tenants – birds of every order.

Dirt floors in the horse stalls posed moisture as well as critter challenges. We didn’t own horses at the time, but the wheels started turning in our daughter’s head.

The East wall had two leaky doors nailed shut – oh so drafty, but functional.

The barn’s south end was home to a small work area…

A bit rough, but dry in the center; Yvette worked passionately here.