Yvette Neumann, Principal Partner/Creative Spirit

In 2008, desiring a more qualitative life, I left the corporate world where I worked in Aerospace, IT, and Banking, to pursue my original love – art.  What followed was a crazy, creative period, where I renovated a dilapidated horse barn on our property to become the thriving gallery and studio business, Yvette Neumann Fine Art, it is today. To find myself at this juncture feels like the natural offshoot of my life’s arc: I am truly fortunate to be ‘following my bliss’, as Joseph Campbell so gently urged. Ever grateful to be working creatively again with my exceptional husband, who endlessly inspires and amuses me, I’m delighted to share my passion for art and community, nature in all its splendor, and the joys of meaningful connection with you.

Derek Neumann, Principal Partner/Professional Sherpa

After a successful 24 year career in aerospace engineering and management, I made the decision to pursue a more engaging way of life, leaving behind the drone of the office for a more fulfilling work/life experience.  As an avid skier, biker, and hiker, Bellingham is a dream come true for anyone who loves the great outdoors as much as me. Being the Professional Sherpa behind Creative Life Adventures NW allows me to use my skills to combine the behind the scenes heavy lifting with full service support that makes the client experience relaxed, intimate, and fun.  I’m genuinely excited to share our wonderful town, fabulous natural setting, and Yvette’s immense talents as artist and teacher with visitors to the great Northwest.

Our Indispensible Mentor Network

Talitha Ebrite, Attorney/Champion of Good at GableGotwals

Behind every successful endeavor you’ll often find amazing people, who just happen to also be downright smart in their fields. Our friend, Talitha is one such person, and her creative thinking and sizable legal expertise keep us grounded and working within sensible boundaries. Her diverse practice in Energy, Oil and Gas Law, SBA Loan Processes, and State and Federal business litigation, coupled with nimble thinking and a great communication style, have been invaluable to our business. Selected by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star in 2009-2013, she is every inch that – a true super star, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and a tireless, generous champion of Creative Life Adventures NW.