Immersive Artist Retreats In Picturesque Bellingham, WA

Painting, Local NW Culture, Good Food, and Great Outdoor Experiences

Our mission is to provide amazing encounters, emphasizing the love of art, culture, and the great outdoors. We are artists and creative thinkers, passionate about living an interesting life; our thoughtful, enriching experiences connect you to adventure in your life.

Guests Say It Best

  • The dial in my minds’ eye is set to ‘artist’ and I see the design, lines, shapes and colors in all that I see. I have always been a ‘visual’ person, but the knowledge and experience I gained in these past few days, deepened my perception, wow, what could be better than that? –ALICE JEAN RYLAARSDAM, SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA

  • I want to somehow convey how much these days of art and creativity immersion have meant to me. Thank you for your generosity of spirit, your willingness to share your talent, heart, and knowledge to make the world, our community and our place in it, more beautiful.


  • I could not have asked for a more fabulous vacation than what I received from Yvette Neumann and her “team” last week during my 3-day Painting Retreat. Her beautiful and inspiring environment was perfect, and the instruction and support was exactly what I needed to progress along my path toward painting more professionally. (It is a very long path!) Yvette’s service was optimal too, including door-to-door pick-ups, fabulous lunches, excellent wines, and some much needed pet therapy from Logan and Amy –  thank you!


  • I will cherish my experience at Creative Life Adventures always! Yvette and Derek Neumann made every aspect of our event memorable with a perfect blend of stimulation and relaxation! Thank you for sharing your talents and spreading joy to others.


  • Just returned from one of their ‘custom group adventures’–and every aspect was PERFECT!


  • I am still feeling so uplifted from my “week of art heaven” with you. Thank you again for your individualized instruction in your beautiful and inviting studio space, for the decadent and delicious meals, for all the extras – your extra time in facilitating wonderful visits with other artists, book recommendations, and gifts; it was exactly – EXACTLY – what I needed right now in my life!


  • I am still on cloud nine after the extraordinary art weekend with Yvette and Derek. I felt like a kid in a candy store as I walked in the door! A treasure trove of art supplies at your fingertips and the gorgeous work space was “home” for three days.–LAURA JONES GARCIA, ISSAQUAH, WASHINGTON

  • Absolutely enchanting retreat. From an orca whale watching cruise to relaxing in a beautiful remodeled old barn, the ambience was amazing to say the least. Yvette’s paintings seemed to always follow the lighting of the day. In the sunlight, crisp, clean and airy. And with the sunset, colors I didn’t notice before, warm, comforting and glowing. There’s not enough I can say about this hidden gem!


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